Monday, 8 August 2011

Week 5

This week has all been about Dougal.  He's had a thorough clean and has some new accessories to make him look all cosy and comfortable - check out the groovy kettle and cushions!

We had a trial run at the weekend.  Parked up in my brother's driveway, Skye, my nephew and I spent Saturday night in Dougal.  And what a night it was - it poured with rain the whole time but at least Dougal kept us warm and dry.  I don't think I slept very much - all the new sounds were a bit distracting but it was fun and I think my nephew enjoyed it.  I am still without gas (apparently Campingaz is not as readily available as Calor gas) so we had to sneak into my brother's house to make our morning cuppie and heat our pancakes!  Oh and another thing, Dougal reached a milestone - check it out:-
And a final word on Dougal - I have to thank my local garage for helping me out...I was advised by a neighbour that I was missing an oil cap so my garage devised a temporary device and told me the place to go for ordering parts for old campers -

The rest of the week was tremendous - I had visitors Monday to Thursday so it was lovely to entertain and have good energy in the house.  Unfortunately we had fog most of the week so they weren't able to appreciate the true beauty of my home town.  Of course, the sun came out the day after they left and went away again for Dougal's test run.

On the reiki front, my massage table and reiki music arrived so I have turned my spare room into my "treatment room".  I'll put a separate post out to let you know how and when to get in touch if you would like me to practice reiki on you.

I continued my volunteering work at the Guide Dogs and learnt the feeding routine which can get quite loud when you have 20 to 30 dogs barking to be fed first.  The few hours that I work flies by, but it is a joy to be working hands-on with animals.

Next week - if my gas cylinder is refilled (as promised), perhaps I'll venture to a real camp-site!!!

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