Monday, 29 August 2011

Week 8

I gave Dougal a rest this week.  Instead, I concentrated on my reiki.  Fortunately a couple of my friends were willing guinea pigs and allowed me to practice on them.  It feels so good to be taking this skill further and each session brings a new insight and allows me to hone my reiki skills further.  I find the reiki practice on myself is so much more intense when I meditate beforehand so I would encourage others guinea pigs to ask me to put on a guided meditation track before I practice reiki so they can get into a deeper state of relaxation.  It is a joy to be able to practice on willing friends and family.  Thank you and spread the word...

The rest of the week involved a trip to Dunkeld with extra special friends who are both about to embark on new and exciting journeys in their lives.  I wish them both all the luck in the world.  We went to the Birnam Art Centre for lunch.  Check out their website - as well as lovely home cooked food (and scrummy cakes) they have events on throughout the year plus a gorgeous Beatrix Potter Exhibition (which incidentally I didn't get to see because I was stuffing my face with cake but I've been assured it is worth a visit on my next trip). The week ended with a Girls Night Out! Who can beat a girlie night out? It is always amazing catching up with the friends that I grew up with. Their company is superb, their energy is buzzing and the laughter flows from the first sip of wine!  I love you guys! 

It was a late night and I had to work at the Guide Dogs the next day. But, just one look from a guide dog in training relieves any tiredness I might have felt.  My skills are coming along at my work too: so far I've been involved in grooming, bathing, play sessions, walking and feeding.  There are so many dogs at the centre and, because I only work there 4 hours a week, it can be difficult differentiating between all the dogs...which means feeding time takes twice as long (compared to the regular staff) because I have to check and double check who I'm giving the food to. The dogs are, obviously, a lot less patient with me when it comes to their food.

It's just a short post this week.  I have big events happening next week which I will tell you about later.  As September looms closer, I am getting ready to start the research into my animal psychology course.

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