Saturday, 17 December 2011

Aromas in my kitchen

Who's idea was it to ban consumption of alcohol in my house in December? 

In a moment of madness I decided I wouldn't drink alcohol in the house on my own for one month.  It was an attempt to save calories for the big day but it is torture when I actually have to open a bottle of wine to put into a casserole.  I have just made the most delicious stew for friends coming over tonight - it's a Catalan beef stew with a twist - the twist being that it has chocolate, cinnamon and orange in it - how very festive.  Well, I can say that my kitchen smells mouth-wateringly good and the other half of the bottle of red is teasing me...roll on 8pm when my friends arrive.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Week 23

Oops...with all the excitement of getting Skye home, I totally forgot to do my weekly update.

The major news, of course, was Skye's operation.  Now that she's home it's actually been quite tough to adapt.  Skye has a new lease of life and is desperate to get outside and run and jump but she is restricted to the house for a month and, even in the house, she is not allowed upstairs, on the sofa or on her look-out post in my sun porch.  And on top of that, her food has been reduced by a third.  The quizzing looks she's giving me are unreal.  She's allowed out to do her business but she's quite fussy about where she goes and it's a battle of wills to get her to go.  I try to stay calm. I've tried the encouragement route and the silent route and nothing works. If I persevere, I WILL manage to break her OCD over her toilet movements.

I had my mum up for dinner on Saturday night and I made quite a feast: a roast chicken and trimmings followed by Jamie Oliver's Apple Pepper Pot Cake which was truly delicious.  You can probably tell that I am a huge Jamie fan and most of my favourite meals come from his recipes but I just love his enthusiasm for food. 

The week has also been about Christmas planning.  I put my tree up - and I'm so chuffed with it.  I have a purple tree - I don't think my photos will do it justice but I promise you it looks great.

So the party season is upon us and I have my first Christmas party next week followed by a dinner party at my house with some friends.  More cooking which I'm loving...

Friday, 9 December 2011

Skye's Home!

I am happy to report that Skye got home today.  Her operation was on Wednesday and she seems to be recovering very well.

The orthopaedic vet at East Neuk Veterinary Clinic did a grand job - he removed 3 chips of bone from Skye's left leg and discovered a crack in her right elbow so he removed the damaged bone there too.  His instincts were right about her right leg and I am happy that he persuaded me to have a look at both elbows at the same time because we've saved Skye a second operation.  I guess that's why he's got such a credible reputation.

I'm over the moon that she's ok and very grateful that she was well looked after.

Now that she's home, it's a bit confusing for her.  All doors are closed and rugs have been put down to save her sliding on my floor.  She's not allowed upstairs and there are obstacles guarding the sofas - making sure she doesn't jump up onto her favourite sleeping area. Her walk now consists of a 2 minute stop on my front lawn to give her a chance to do her business and then it's back into the house.  She must be so confused.  Reiki healing starts today.

Here's Skye looking rather sorry for herself with her shaved legs and bandages (though I'm relieved that she doesn't have to wear a lampshade collar):

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Week 22

The tension mounts.  A new month brings new events.  Skye had an appointment at the orthopaedic vet in Fife on 1st December and the outcome is that she will be getting an operation on her elbows on Wednesday - OMG - the worry....

I may have mentioned earlier that Skye has been limping on and off for a couple of years now.  Since our road trip and the cold weather setting in, Skye has been getting slower and slower.  It's painful to watch a healthy 8 year old dog walking like a teenage dog. My mind was made up in the summer that now is a good time to operate.  The only problem was that the vet and I could not agree which leg Skye was limping on.  I am adamant that she has problems on her left leg and we have the results of a CT scan (from 2 years ago) that show she has a fissure in her left leg.  However the vet is certain that Skye is limping on her right leg.  And you don't want to argue with a vet - they know what they're talking about.

So a compromise was reached: they will operate on Wednesday and remove the fissure in her left leg and ALSO use a scope to investigate the right leg.  If something shows up, operate accordingly.  So both legs will have keyhole surgery and Skye will likely be kept in till Friday.  Thereafter she will be house-bound for the rest of December and then on restricted exercise for another month after that.  Poor Skye.  She will get lots of reiki to help her body heal quickly and I've arranged for my mum to come up at the weekend to give her TLC too.

The rest of the week was pretty busy...a night out with the girls on Friday to celebrate Debbie's birthday - Happy Birthday Debs!  Then, following my work at the Guide Dogs on Sunday, I went to my dad's house for tea.  Amazingly, for the first time EVER, my dad cooked for us - a succulent fillet steak cooked perfectly for me...thanks Dad (I had to mention this because my dad only ever reads my blog when he gets a mention).

Oh well, I'm a bit distracted just now so I'll leave it there for now...I just hope everything goes well tomorrow for my beautiful Skyebird.