Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Week 22

The tension mounts.  A new month brings new events.  Skye had an appointment at the orthopaedic vet in Fife on 1st December and the outcome is that she will be getting an operation on her elbows on Wednesday - OMG - the worry....

I may have mentioned earlier that Skye has been limping on and off for a couple of years now.  Since our road trip and the cold weather setting in, Skye has been getting slower and slower.  It's painful to watch a healthy 8 year old dog walking like a teenage dog. My mind was made up in the summer that now is a good time to operate.  The only problem was that the vet and I could not agree which leg Skye was limping on.  I am adamant that she has problems on her left leg and we have the results of a CT scan (from 2 years ago) that show she has a fissure in her left leg.  However the vet is certain that Skye is limping on her right leg.  And you don't want to argue with a vet - they know what they're talking about.

So a compromise was reached: they will operate on Wednesday and remove the fissure in her left leg and ALSO use a scope to investigate the right leg.  If something shows up, operate accordingly.  So both legs will have keyhole surgery and Skye will likely be kept in till Friday.  Thereafter she will be house-bound for the rest of December and then on restricted exercise for another month after that.  Poor Skye.  She will get lots of reiki to help her body heal quickly and I've arranged for my mum to come up at the weekend to give her TLC too.

The rest of the week was pretty busy...a night out with the girls on Friday to celebrate Debbie's birthday - Happy Birthday Debs!  Then, following my work at the Guide Dogs on Sunday, I went to my dad's house for tea.  Amazingly, for the first time EVER, my dad cooked for us - a succulent fillet steak cooked perfectly for me...thanks Dad (I had to mention this because my dad only ever reads my blog when he gets a mention).

Oh well, I'm a bit distracted just now so I'll leave it there for now...I just hope everything goes well tomorrow for my beautiful Skyebird.

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