Friday, 9 December 2011

Skye's Home!

I am happy to report that Skye got home today.  Her operation was on Wednesday and she seems to be recovering very well.

The orthopaedic vet at East Neuk Veterinary Clinic did a grand job - he removed 3 chips of bone from Skye's left leg and discovered a crack in her right elbow so he removed the damaged bone there too.  His instincts were right about her right leg and I am happy that he persuaded me to have a look at both elbows at the same time because we've saved Skye a second operation.  I guess that's why he's got such a credible reputation.

I'm over the moon that she's ok and very grateful that she was well looked after.

Now that she's home, it's a bit confusing for her.  All doors are closed and rugs have been put down to save her sliding on my floor.  She's not allowed upstairs and there are obstacles guarding the sofas - making sure she doesn't jump up onto her favourite sleeping area. Her walk now consists of a 2 minute stop on my front lawn to give her a chance to do her business and then it's back into the house.  She must be so confused.  Reiki healing starts today.

Here's Skye looking rather sorry for herself with her shaved legs and bandages (though I'm relieved that she doesn't have to wear a lampshade collar):

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