Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Week 31

Oh I do like driving my car...

Another busy week involving 4 sessions of exercise (get me?  really going for it) - it helps that one of the instructors reminded us that February is regarded as Flabuary when most people give up their resolutions and their good intentions of keeping fit and eating well.  I'm determined to avoid being another statistic...well, certainly up until the BIG DAY - which is only 8 weeks away. OMG.

So, I joined a book club this week (thanks to Shaz for hosting) where we discussed the book "One Day".  I reckon book clubs are more girlie get-togethers involving wine than real serious book chat - though we did spend a good hour answering questions on the book.  All in all, it was good fun - bring on the next one.

I spent Saturday in Edinburgh visiting my friend "Ray".  We started off the evening with a bottle of champagne (has to be done) followed by a Thai meal and then onto vodka.  A mini pub crawl in the Leith area finished off a great weekend.  Just have to say Happy Birthday to Ray and Good Luck on the next adventure!  And surprise, surprise - no hangover on Sunday...but a long, long train journey home...

A few other birthday mentions - it's a busy week for birthdays.  Happy Birthday to Anna on her 30th!  Happy Birthday too for Debbie and Katy!

And finally, great news - Skye has reached the end of her 2 month recuperation.  The vet says I can start to increase her exercise though she is restricted to gentle walks and no vigorous play with other dogs.  I still have to lift her down from the car but most other obstacles are ok.  Here she is straight after her first 30 minute walk:

8 weeks to go...

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