Monday, 13 February 2012

Week 32

I still like driving my car...

I did 5 lots of exercise this week - that is possibly a record for me.  I can't see this lasting but I will try my hardest to keep up the good intentions.  Swimming feels so good when I'm actually in the pool but its the getting there and the cold(ish) showers afterwards that doesn't appeal as much.  I can actually feel my stamina increasing each time I swim and my time-trials are getting better.  So much so that I decided I would try "butterfly" stroke for one length (25m). OMG...DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU ARE SUPER FIT.  I could barely lift my shoulders out of the water.  How embarrassing.  I bet the lifeguards were laughing at me when my final 2 strokes looked more like doggy paddle.

Talking of dogs, Skye is doing great.  I've started to increase her exercise and she is off lead most of the time now (unless there's a bouncy dog in the area).  She's looking incredible.  I'm constantly looking for any signs of a limp and sometimes my eyes deceive me and I think I see her walking oddly but maybe I'm just so used to seeing her limping.  Either way, she is doing very well.  We did a favourite walk in the woods this week - in the past she used to walk behind me - now she is striding in front of me most of the way round.  I know she has a bit of arthritis in her elbows so she might limp now and again but the initial signs are good.  The next two weeks I need to build up her off lead playing and jumping in and out of the car.  She will be going back to my lovely dog-walker, Gladys, at the end of the month when I start my job so I need to ensure she's fully fit by then.  Mental note to give her some reiki this week.

I had friends round to my house on Thursday for a meal and a reiki swap.  It was so good to practise my reiki on humans again as opposed to animals.  I am still available to practise on any willing people who want to try reiki.  Even when I go back to work, I'll only be working 3 days so will have time to dedicate to my studies, my volunteering and my reiki.

With a couple of trips to visit my mum (who is a bit poorly just now) that was my week.  Get well soon, Mum!!!

7 weeks to go...

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