Monday, 20 February 2012

Week 33

Well, that was a strange day...

So that you can fully appreciate my week, let me take you back to last Monday. I started a highly productive week with a one mile swim.  On Tuesday my handyman arrived and ticked off some of the jobs I've had on my to-do list for years including fitting a hanging rail to a wardrobe and installing a whirly gig in my garden (ah the smell of outside dried clothes - you cannot beat it). I have a problem doing nothing (i.e. on my laptop) whilst someone is working hard in my house/garden so I decided to do a bit of gardening. Quite a bit of gardening actually as I cut back all my plants in the front garden, filling 3 garden bags. With a quick stop for a cuppy with a friend, I was off to my Body Balance class in the evening (exercise no 2). On Wednesday I had a trip to the movies to see the award winning film, The Artist (which I would highly recommend) followed by a Body Combat class in the evening (are you counting this - no. 3). On Thursday I started the day with yoga and finished it by rearranging my wardrobe and making space for my (ahem) 50 pairs of shoes.  Well actually, it started as 60 pairs but I only have room for 50 so I had the awful task of deciding which shoes went to the charity shop.  It was a tense moment and I literally had to bag the shoes and take them straight round to the shop.  Friday was an easy day with a leisurely swim (that's exercise no 5 in case you've lost count).  On Saturday I was out and about from 10am till 6pm including 4 hours of driving in snow conditions.  I know you must be exhausted from reading all this...bearing in mind that Skye is getting 2 x 30 minute walks per day too.

So you'd think that Sunday would be a day of rest...alas NO - I went to a yoga workshop (ran by my good friend Julie - who is a wonderful instructor).  A two hour workshop of Ashtanga yoga (or rather power yoga) which pushes your body to the limit. Some of the postures are so intense - it is, quite literally, the hardest workout I have given my body.  A relaxing hot bath followed the workout and then a good friend of mine popped round for a session of reiki.  I was so looking forward to reiki - I was hoping that some of the reiki energy would seep into my body and ease out my aches and pains.  After my friend left I finally relaxed and vegged out.

So that was a total of 6 workouts this week!!!  Unbelievable isn't it?

As you can imagine, I woke up today feeling aches and pains all over my body.  Every movement I make is painful.  My poor shoulders and my aching hip flexers (which have never been stretched like that before).  So not exactly the best day to make an appearance at my new job!  What was I thinking?

I had agreed with my boss that I would go into work today to get some of the admin out of the way so I can start afresh next Monday.  It was bizarre driving up to my old office (I can't remember if I mentioned that I'm going back to work for the company I left last July to embark on my exploratory career change).  Everything was familiar to me.  The people are great but the weirdest thing is the feeling like I'd never left.  So strange.  I only stayed a few hours and came home and threw off my work clothes (wearing heels during the day just doesn't feel right) and took Skye out for a long walk.  I finally collapsed on the sofa early evening and have given my poor body a night off exercise.  I still don't feel 100%.  It almost feels like sensory overload...

Am I looking forward to going back to work?  In all honesty, not really.  I am one of those people who can happily busy myself every day as long as I have a dog to walk.  But in reality, I miss the banter of my work colleagues.  And I'm not a millionaire so I cannot fund a career break forever so, like most people, I need to work.  It's going to be strange for a while but I'll settle back into the routine.  I have to say, working a shorter week is going to be fantastic.  But I do dread next Monday.  A full day of work - oh how I'm going to miss Skye.

6 weeks to go...

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