Thursday, 1 March 2012

Week 34

Lets blame work for this week's post being late.

Oh how I'd forgotten how I hate early starts.  Getting up at 5.20am and taking Skye for a walk when most of my neighbourhood are still in bed is strange...

Anyway getting back to my last week of freedom.  I think I mentioned how ill I was feeling last Monday. Well, the illness grew into a full blown cough and cold and stopped me from doing exercise.  I hang my head in shame as I tell you that last week's exercise total came to a measly one!

But I did manage to cram a lot of other things into the week despite feeling poorly (and quite sorry for myself) including a trip to the dentist, a facial, a yoga session, a trip to the doctors (nothing serious), a quiz night and a meal out with my dad and his wife as a huge thank you for selling my Punto (thanks again dad!).

At the weekend, I did a bit of shopping (looking for a dress for the big birthday) and failed to find anything...and to end the week; Sunday was a couch day.  I spent it watching Gone with the Wind - what a long film.  But a classic and I can see why.

I'll save the work edition for Week 35.

5 weeks to go...


  1. Gone With The Wind is my all time favorite movie AND book ever!
    I hope work started well! Chat soon

  2. Hello Alia and thanks for comment ;o) I'm loving your blog but cannot find a way to leave a comment.

  3. hmmm, maybe my settings were wrong on the post you tried to comment on. I got hubbie to try leaving a comment the other day and it worked so I don't know!

    ps. I'm waiting patiently for your next blog!!