Thursday, 1 September 2011

Au Revoir

Farewell my beloved family. 

Well, what a traumatic start to the week.  My brother's family moved to the Netherlands on Wednesday which means my gorgeous nephew is no longer 30 mins away from me. On the up-side, it's a magnificent move for a 7 year old (and his parents) to experience a new country but on an entirely selfish point I will miss him terribly :o( boo hoo. 

I saw them on Tuesday night and we had a magical evening hanging out in Dougal.  We crammed 3 adults, a 7 year old and Skye into the camper and took loads of photos and played games until well past J bedtime.  Then it was time to say Bon Voyage...I think I held it together for J's sake.  Sometimes we take forgranted that our family are "just there" and it really is a blow to us when they move away.  But hey, Holland is only a short jaunt away...Farewell my family...I'm going to miss you loads. xxx

p.s. thank you for the hippy throw which adds a bit of glamour to Dougal xxx

p.p.s my readers can follow my family's journey in Holland by going to:

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