Sunday, 18 September 2011

Week 11

It's been a productive week.  I shut myself indoors and spent hours on the internet planning my route and finding suitable campsites along the way.  I'm trying my hardest to cram in visits to animal centres and universities along the way so there's been a lot of e-mail correspondence setting up meetings and ensuring my dates and locations align.  I feel I am ready now and will amend my itinerary as I go - at least I have the first week of campsites booked in advance.  Fortunately, I have planned to stay with friends along the way so I can catch up with them but also so I can use their WiFi, get a comfortable night's sleep and do my laundry (hopefully).

Dougal had a service early in the week and needed a few minor modifications but, generally, he is in tip-top shape.  I had a couple of set backs though.  Firstly I woke up on Thursday with a sore throat - it felt like I was getting a cold - but I went along to my power yoga class and the Ujjayi breathing helped clear my nose.  I did a bit of reiki on my throat and, by Friday, I was much better. My second set back involved Skye: on Thursday night she was acting strange - she would not settle.  By Friday morning, she could not climb the stairs or jump onto the sofa.  I think her lumbo-sacral disease was playing up.  I gave her some reiki first thing in the morning then I called my vet to ask for some medication to take on my trip with me.  In a way, I'm grateful that this came to light BEFORE I took off so at least I'm armed with medication to ease her pain.  She's already looking much brighter today and can get into and out of Dougal so that's  relief.

I cut my grass on Thursday.  I used the lowest setting on my lawn mower so my grass is the shortest it's been all summer. Unfortunately, it's now looking quite anemic.  Whilst cutting the grass I had a swarm of midges around me and got about a dozen bites on my face and neck!  Not quite a setback but not a very nice look plus they're itchy!!!

Saturday morning I did an early shift at the Guide Dogs and set off on my road trip straight afterwards.  My first stop was Edinburgh to see my friends Ali & Neil and enjoy home cooking, red wine and great chat.  Thank you guys for making my first stop so relaxing and enjoyable.

Tomorrow I head South...

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  1. Greetings traveller!! How r u getting on? Thinking of u lots and wishing u clear motorways and no electrical blowouts!!! Xxx