Monday, 26 September 2011

Portobello Loveliness

Before I leave Edinburgh, I wanted to share a few highlights of my visit to Portobello.  The first was a surprise as my friends had warned me it could be a hit or a miss - we went to the Dalriada on Sunday afternoon for the live music session and of course, it was a huge hit!  Find me a bar that plays live folk music and serves decent wine and I'm there!
The second was a stop for bread but turned into an visual feast!  The newest store to hit Portobello is Earthy which stocks organic food and is all about being at one with to my ears.  The products on offer were inspiring - the things I could cook up...alas not so much in a campervan so I left with a dark chocolate bar with strawberries and chilli - the combination might sound a bit weird but I promise you it was a taste sensation!

Finally, my Monday morning stroll along Portobello High Street found me pressing my nose against the window of a gorgeous antique shop called Friday Street.  It has some unique and quirky stuff - an Aladdin's cave!

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