Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Spreadsheets Rule, OK!

People who know me well will be relieved to hear that I have set up a spreadsheet for my upcoming road trip.  It is very complex and has route details, campsite details, contact details...how could I possibly go wrong?

I hope my nearest and dearest will sleep well knowing that I am armed with a spreadsheet.  My ex-work colleagues would be so proud of me.

I'm a born organiser...I need details, details, details...(that's specifically for my brother ;o))


  1. I need a super spreadsheet user...!

    Yes Jules I am delighted you have a spreadsheet that you up date daily at 8am..!

    Have that safe trip and see you in a couple weeks for lunch!

  2. I envy you Julie. Want a job? Family of 3 recently moved to Holland requires someone to organise weekly schedule and pack schoolbags. Free accommodation and as much cake and cheese as you can eat ;-)

  3. Oh yes please, Carol. I'll be over...hmmm...how about Nov sometime! xxx