Friday, 11 November 2011

Week 18

November brings about a change.  As I said in last week's post, I was feeling a bit down at the end of I had to do something about it and I turned to my reiki master for help.  I was feeling a little bit "lost" - perhaps at a cross-roads or a decision making point but I definitely didn't feel grounded.  Trude Bacon is my reiki master and I had a session with her this week and I can tell you the change was dramatic.  I told her about my feelings and that I needed to be grounded...well, when she worked on my feet, I actually felt like I had lead slippers on.  I felt my feet were so grounded they were going to pull me off the table.  As well as feeling rooted to the earth, I also felt a weight lifting.  I cannot recommend Trude highly enough.

The rest of my week got better and better...I continued my reiki practice with friends on Wednesday night (they also cooked dinner for me so that was a bonus) and on Thursday my beautiful friend Sandy arrived from Switzerland.  And, as an added bonus, my friends Pauline and Lizzie arrived from London on Friday for a "Borneo girls" reunion.  It was Sandy's first time in Scotland and I was worried because on Thursday morning the wind was blowing a hoolie and the rain was torrential!  But, as if my good fortune couldn't get any better, the skies cleared on Friday and the whole weekend was calm with the most stunning blue skies.

I had an absolutely awesome time with my gorgeous friends.  Our routine was mainly eat, walk Skye, eat, walk Skye, drink wine, eat, sleep...  Pauline and Lizzie left on Sunday and Sandy stayed an extra couple of days so I was able to show her some typical Scottish sights like a historic ruin, a beautiful sandy beach, bonfire night and our heather clad hills with customary "famous" grouse.

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