Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Week 19

So after a week of wine, rich food and very little sleep, this week has been about redressing the balance.  It's been exercise all week - body combat, yoga and back to swimming!

Practising my reiki has been another priority and I am grateful for my willing friends who continue to let me practice on them.

I've also completed the first module of my Dog Behaviour Diploma.  I'd forgotten how difficult it is to read something then answer a question and try to put the facts into your own words.  I also spent longer than I would have wished researching one question which asked for "the British writer who published the first dog breed book in 1800 which identified 15 breeds".  Easy - straight to Google - except it wasn't that easy and it took hours of my time. Fingers crossed that I've passed this first module...

So a few strange things happened to me this week:  Let me begin by asking you this: if you found yourself in the woods in the dark and you heard a strange sound, would you go and investigate? They do in the horror films. And strangely, so do I.  I guess it depends on the sound but just the other day I heard a strange knocking sound in the woods and could not help myself but go and have a look (I felt safe with Skye but not entirely sure what she would do in an emergency). It turned out to be trees swaying in the wind and knocking into each other...

And another spooky situation...I was walking through a closed caravan park with a few static vans...the park is in complete darkness except for the moonlight and I heard a mobile phone ringing sound coming from one of the empty vans....

Spooky or what?


  1. Sounds like a Scooby Doo adventure Julie! Just catching up with your lovely blog. Glad you've got over that wee blip - just needed time to adjust after your big road adventure. Always here to listen if you need me xx

  2. Scooby Doo!!!!! I could see you as Daphne Blake. Great to read you're having fun but I would have run away......

  3. Kev, you're a big girl's blouse!!!