Monday, 18 July 2011

Week 2

Another great start to the week.  My dog, Skye, had an appointment at the specialist orthopaedic vet to get her “sore bits” assessed.  She has a fissure in her left elbow and also has lumbo-sacral disease which affects her lower spine.  Both diseases require surgery but they are not bad enough at the moment to put her through any surgery so I’ve been treating her with medication and a reduced exercise regime.  Two years after the diagnosis, I have been told that Skye is doing great and does not require surgery in the near future.  Woo hoo!
This week, I asked friends to pop round and have a look at my mini charity shop and leave a donation for charity. I had visitors most days and raised a whopping £90!!!  I’m going to make it up to £100 and send it to SSPCA.  Thank you to everyone who donated – you are awesome!  Despite some clothes going to friends, I still had loads left over and dropped off 8 bin-bags full of clothes at the Red Cross this morning.  I have to admit that during the bagging up process, 7 items fell out of the bin bags and found their way back to my room...
One of the best things about not working is catching up with friends and family.  It’s been lovely having visitors all week.  Early in the week, my dad arrived with a trout!  Yes, a trout. 

Not exactly the one in the photo....When he left, I had to figure out how to fillet it.  YouTube helped but I still ended up with a pathetic (albeit tasty) result.  I know what to do next time though.
I would say that this week has mainly been about detoxing, enjoying the garden and the sunshine and doing things that I love.  I ended the week by doing a bit of dolphin spotting on Sunday.  We missed the dolphins by about 15 mins but saw some spectacular views. 

My mission next week – continue the dolphin spotting and dedicate more time to the campervan search...

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  1. Hi Julie and Skye, I'm super glad to hear Skye is doing so well. Oh and happy dolphin watching! Our Sawyer is obsessed with them at the moment- they're such intelligent and beautiful creatures. We are having to watch old reruns of Flipper everyday and have exhausted all the dolphin/whale/shark documentaries we can find on Netflix. Incidentally, have you seen The Cove? It's a horrifying documentary about the mistreatment of dolphins in Japan- I cried a river:-(.. Anyway, congrats on your clothes fundraiser. I'm so very sad I was too far away to go Shopping at Julies house!! Love you both from Josie xx