Monday, 25 July 2011

Week 3

It turns out Monday’s are not so bad after all.  Last Monday, I received an e-mail from the Guide Dogs Association inviting me to come for an induction at the end of the month and to start volunteering on a weekly basis.  What a result.  I am over the moon.
I have to admit that progress has been slow this week – I have spent more time than I wished on my search for a VW T2 or T25 Campervan.  I have made some good contacts and await the “right” van coming my way.  Until then, this is the closest I’ve come to owning my own camper!
The detox continues and I try to ensure I do “something I love” every day so you can imagine my joy when I finally found a yoga class that works for me.  I fell in love with yoga (and what it does to the mind, body and soul) when I was living in the US and I’ve been searching for a class here ever since I moved back.  Finally, I found the perfect class - Julie Giles runs several power yoga classes in her studio.  Talk about a work out – every muscle in my body has been exercised.  I know I’m not the most flexible person but I probably never really pushed myself ... so when Julie adjusted my positions to allow my body to go that little bit further, it really felt amazing (and a bit sore) - almost like a release. 
Last week, I talked about continuing the dolphin spotting.  Well, the weather hasn’t been the best but I did manage out one day and failed to spot any dolphins.  Instead, I spotted an even rarer sighting in the North Sea – surfers! Check it out...

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