Monday, 2 January 2012

Challenge updates

I bet you're all dying to know how I got on with my 2 personal challenges...

I said, back in July, that I would not purchase any new clothes or shoes for the next 6 months and I DID IT.  I am so impressed with myself.  Even during the festive season when the gorgeous, sparkly outfits were beckoning me, I resisted temptation. I got through the few Christmas parties by wearing "old" outfits.  And, because I couldn't fit into the outfits back in July, I had to embark on a fitness regime to tone up and by mid December the zips on all dresses were loose(r).  Double bonus.  I will try to keep this challenge going until I earn my first income...

At the beginning of December I also challenged myself to restrict all drinking to social events - so no alcohol in the house unless I had people with me.  This proved a challenge indeed.  It's amazing how I automatically opened the wine on a Friday evening.  But once again I DID IT.  I celebrated at 01:00 on 1st January by having a Baileys.

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