Monday, 2 January 2012

Week 25 - w/e Christmas Day!

I've been so busy recently that I haven't posted for about 3 weeks so I'm trying to catch up now...

The week running up to Christmas was magical.  Partly the anticipation of my family arriving from Holland and just the general excitement of this time of year!

It's was a busy week but I managed to escape the madness of the shops - my Sainsbury's food order was delivered on Tuesday and all my Christmas presents were ordered online too.  I did venture into the city on Wednesday for a lunch date with an old work colleague and was surprised that it wasn't mobbed - has everyone done their shopping online?

On mad Friday I met up with some of my work colleagues for a few drinks - it was great to catch up with them.  But I ducked out early mainly because I didn't want a hangover on Christmas eve and also to get home for Skyebird.

On Christmas Eve my family arrived from Holland.  I had to put a poster up in my sun porch to make sure Santa knew that J was staying at my house.  I think J was impressed.

The energy levels intensified with a 7 year old in the house and I can say it truly made my Christmas complete.  We told J that he could not get up on Christmas morning before 7.30am (in an attempt to give the adults a chance to get a good sleep) but at 7.29am all 3 bedroom doors opened and all adults said to J "We've been up for ages waiting on you" - I think we were just as excited as him.  First thing - check that the beer, banana cake and carrot had been eaten then we tiptoed into the living room and lo-and-behold a massive sack of presents were waiting for J.

So many gifts!

The meal had been meticulously planned over the whole day with lots of gaps between courses so we didn't end up feeling stuffed.  Each person had a chance to cook or present something they baked earlier so it was a combined effort and I think it went really well.  My brother cooked the main course and during the course, we were joined by some friends:

Who can beat a line up like that at Christmas time?

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