Monday, 23 January 2012

Week 29

Mega week!
I'm pleased to tell you that Module 2 of my Dog Behaviour Diploma has been submitted.  It was quite an interesting module - talking about the genetics of dogs and their instinctive behaviour - I now regard Skye's sniffing habits with a whole new level of respect - she has to interpret so much information with her nose!

As the week continued, I made a whole load of progress on my "to-do" list:
  • The job hunt started in earnest and I have to say it's looking quite positive but I can't say too much yet...
  • I visited the SSPCA and spoke to the manager about moving up the "waiting list" for volunteering work.
  • I found a handyman to quote me for all the outstanding house and garden projects!
  • I started the car hunt and test drove 2 Honda CRVs (I finally learnt my lesson after the last car purchase - not to buy the first car I see!!!) - luckily my dad is getting involved in the search as I wholly appreciate his input.
  • I booked flights to visit the family in Holland.

What a week...I feel totally energised.

I celebrated my achievements (any excuse) with a night out with the "yoga girlies" on Friday.  As I enjoyed the fabulous food on offer, I was totally unaware of the wine consumption and, as a result, I crossed that line...into the boozy world where all logic escapes us...we finished the night with a double baileys each and didn't even flinch when the barman asked for £24 for the 4 drinks - ouch indeed. 

I know I got home safely (thanks to one of the girl's husband) but I did my usual routine: cup of tea and toast, switch on the tv, start watching my sky+ recording and fall asleep...2 hours later - down 2 glasses of water (and pray it's still going to avert the hangover) then crawl to bed and sleep for 3-4 hours.  After those few hours of sleep I peered through my eye slits - checking that Skye was safely asleep next to me and tried to recount the number of drinks consumed.  All of this wouldn't necessarily matter if I hadn't arranged to meet someone late afternoon on the Saturday.  My usual hangovers last until 6pm. Oh crap!

So I lay still as I tried to calculate when it would be safe to drive: number of units of alcohol (14 or 15) v's number of hours since alcohol consumption began - oh my it takes a lot of brain power to figure these things out when you're not feeling 100%.  I also tried a bit of reiki on myself, to keep the vomiting hangover at bay, but I kept nodding off.  Finally I decided the best option to combat any feelings of illness was a kick of adrenalin.  So, with my gorgeous Skye willing me to take her out, I jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes and ventured outside to give Skye her morning walk.  I deliberately chose not to wear a hat so the freezing temperatures would cause an adrenalin surge to my brain and ensure any pending hangover would disappear.  As I returned home, my efforts paid off and I felt ok...not great...but ok.

Any slight movement of the body resulted in my head catching up a few seconds later.  I downed water and tried to concentrate on something (other than my feeble body) by switching on the TV.  How bizarre to see something as "viewed" on your sky+ and have no recollection of it's contents.

After a cold shower (another attempt to get the adrenalin flowing), I felt more alive and managed to make it to my meeting.  I got home early evening and only then did the real hangover kick in...then I crawled into bed and slept for 12+hours...bliss.

On Sunday I was working at the guide dogs.  As usual, I dropped Skye at my mums and whilst there I had a bit of an accident (possibly a result of my over-indulgence on Friday).  Muddy shoes off at the door, meant I was walking around in my socks.  I was coming downstairs with phone in one hand and diary in the other when I slipped on the top step!  The diary went flying.  My clutch on my phone got tighter and, as a result, the only thing that would break my fall was my poor coccyx.  I bumped down 5 steps before I finally stopped myself.  OMG the pain.  My mum's concerned shouts of "oh Julie" stopped the minute she saw me doubled up laughing hysterically.  She joined in the hysterics - tears were streaming down my face - not sure due to pain or laughter.

Following this, I had to go and work with my beloved guide dogs - a great tonic to take your mind off any negative thoughts.  After work, I came home did a bit of reiki on my coccyx and had a hot bath and remarkably the pain is easing today.  I've just been for a swim which eased the pain too: pre-swim - I could hardly tie my shoes laces; post-swim - I could bend my knee right up to tie the laces.

On the positive side, is it possible that the pain in my coccyx is similar to the pain Skye feels every day with her lumbo-sacral disease?  If so, it is reassuring that the pain is bearable except for a few twinges now and again.

10 weeks to go...

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